What is “Vegan on a Jet Plane?” Here is a quick five-second summary of the show: Join Ally’s adventure around the globe and explore new countries, cultures, and food! Vegan on a Jet Plane (VJP) will take you to faraway lands and bring you the best in healthy dining while giving you a window into exotic cultures.

While exploring a new country or city, I look most forward to the food. I’m a huge foodie and love trying exotic dishes, but know it can be quite a struggle finding food that is vegan and gluten-free when traveling. After tons of research, trial and error, and experience, I’ve come to realize in most countries healthy food is everywhere! You just need to know what to look for.

Do you ever feel like it is impossible to travel and maintain a healthy diet? I’ve felt what it is like to go to Belgium or France and live off of bread, alcohol, and dairy for a few months. And it does not feel good! I felt tired, puffy, and for a lack of a better word…gross. Maybe you’ve experienced something similar when visiting another country, on a cruise, or even when you went out of town for a few days. The reality is you can enjoy local food, eat well, and feel great everywhere. And trust me–your experience in a new place will be more enjoyable and fun when you’re taking care of yourself!

Here is the official trailer for the show. The pilot episode (Vegan on a Jet Plane: Ubud, Bali) is in post-production, and scenes will be released on our YouTube Channel starting July 2017. For more information on the show and production, please visit www.veganonajetplane.com.

Want to see more? You’d like my post with Balinese “Chef Made” where he discusses the benefits of a raw diet in a 15-second clip from the show. You can watch it here!

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