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Top Holiday Gifts for (or from!) a Health Nut 2016

Give the gift of health this year! Whether your loved one is a wanna-be health enthusiast, an eco-friendly goddess, or hard-core fitness guru, you’re sure to find something they’d treasure on this wish-list! Ranging from stocking stuffers to big ticket items, each of these holiday gifts can lead to a healthy and positive change. A gift […]

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for (or from!) a Health Nut

Why healthy gifts? Small changes lead to big results! For instance if you give someone a fruit-infusion pitcher (below) and they begin drinking more water, the changes that person can see in their life would be HUGE! Better digestion, clearer skin, better mental clarity, increased energy, the list goes on. Below I’ve compiled my favorite healthy […]

Why You Should Upgrade Your Smoothie to a Smoothie Bowl

A quick disclaimer: Smoothies, in general, are healthy any way you eat them! If you’re consuming a smoothie chances are you’re doing something great for your body. This post just shows you how little changes can potentially create big changes in your health! I love smoothies. I drink them all the time, they are easy, […]

Tips and Recipes for a Vegan & Gluten-Free Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays where it can feel challenging to eat healthy. Sometimes you want to give up, call it a “cheat day,” and stuff your face with potato salad and cake. Not this year! Here are some great recipes to help you eat a clean plant based diet, all […]