Cameron Diaz’s Healthy Aging Tips

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Last week I was honored to meet with actress Cameron Diaz at an event hosted by the Motion Picture & Television Fund. As you may know, Cameron is turning 44 years old this year, looks fantastic, and is an excellent role model for health! She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, with an infectiously sweet and cheerful personality.

She recently wrote a book titled “The Longevity Book.” Below are Cameron’s thoughts (that I want to pass on to you!) on aging and healthy living!

How can we age well?

“I want to try to change the conversation about aging, so we realize it’s not just something that happens to us, it’s something that we do and are engaged in. That engagement is really about how we live our life.”

“Aging is a privilege. This is the first time in human history, of all human existence where we have a life expectancy of 82 for women. It’s not a magic pill from a substance that grows on one mountain in Tibet where if you have a million dollars you can buy it, that’s not it. It’s within our control to some extent. Genetically we are pre-disposed to some diseases and certain aspects of our aging is connected to our genes, but we are also in control of the decisions that we make, and those decisions add up more-so than anything.”

“Knowing what is good nutrition, good physical activity, sleep, good stress release, having a purpose and connecting loving relationships. Those are the pillars of well-being and the five pillars of aging well.”

Where do these pillars originate from?

“It’s all those things when you’re a kid and your grandmother tells you to ‘eat your vegetables, go outside and play, get a goodnights sleep, take 10 deep breaths before you speak when you’re angry.” It’s those things you are constantly bombarded with from a young age, but you don’t really realize you’re absorbing the wisdom from people older than you. I’ve been an aunt now for a long time, I have a niece that’s 19 and my youngest is 8 years old. I’ve found myself my whole life going ‘you should eat that, go to sleep, drink some water” and you’re giving all this information, that is basically it.

What are your thoughts on nutrition?

Eat your vegetables, eat whole foods, know what you’re eating, know what it is that you’re putting into your body. You want good, whole, nutritional foods that are well-balanced. You want to eat a variety of things.

What are your thoughts on physical activity?

Physical activity is not just going to the gym everyday and working out, although that is good for strength if you’re trying to build strength, but [it’s important to] just be active, not be sedentary, and move around. Activity is very important, just getting up and going for walks. That is a major part of it, you just don’t want to get sedentary. That’s where diseases start to set in within the body when it isn’t being utilized properly.  

Any tips on how to improve sleep?

You want to get good rest. Sleep is just as important as drinking water. Sleep is as important as having good nutrition. The quality of sleep that you get is very important. It’s important to know the key things to help you get good sleep; one is having a routine before you go to bed. Shutting down your outside world so you’re not going straight from watching a screen to putting your head on a pillow. That doesn’t help you get to your deepest sleep. Sleeping with lights on…eating too late, you don’t think about with sleep. You just take it for granted, [but] there is a systematic way to shut down your brain, shut down your body to allow it to get to that rest.

How do you stay so happy?

My motto is “gratitude is the only attitude.”

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What did you learn in your research about keeping our brain healthy?

“There is a whole chapter on the brain, the brain is very important. All the five pillars are important for the brain. Our cognitive health is dependent on how our nutrition is, how our physical activity is, how our stress release is, and how we engage. All of those things are aspects are important. We can learn a new language, learn a new instrument, learn new skill sets, learning…period. Keeping the brain agile and engaged is important.”

Great tips from Cameron! You can read more about Cameron’s take on health in her new book: “The Longevity Book.”


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